Changing Attitudes to Change Our Future

If we are going to be successful in our attempt to reverse the effects of climate change, the only thing we have to do is change the attitude of as many people as we can by discussing the threat it poses to humanity. Not many people genuinely care about the impact humans are having on the planet. The subject arises over the dinner table or at a party, everyone shakes their heads disapprovingly and the conversation moves on without anyone actually giving a shit.

Somehow, the world needs to start caring.

In economics, if the masses believe there will be a certain trend in a market (the US dollar will increase in value) then inevitably, it does. For some reason reality follows what the masses believe to be true, so, if the world understands the threats that climate change poses and starts to truly care, then we will start to move in the right direction. The opinion of the public will shape both political agenda and industry practices because both will ultimately benefit from acting on issues the public feel strongly about.

Success is solely based on whether we can get the majority of the public to care; everything else will follow.

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