Fox News – Brainwashing the World

Regardless of how you feel about the rest of Fox News’ overall content, its coverage of climate change is, quite frankly, nonsense. The now ex-anchor Bill O’Reilly once said “It’s easier to believe in a benevolent God – the baby Jesus – than it is to believe in some kind of theory about global warming.”

Fox News is THE MOST trusted news channel in the US today and so has an unparalleled influence over the American public’s attitude toward many key issues,  most dangerously, climate change. This stance, however, is not sprung from an unbiased standpoint (unsurprisingly).

Rupert Murdoch, the Australian media mogul is the owner of Fox News and so undoubtedly will have the power to set the stance Fox anchors take when it comes to the issue of climate change. Dig just a little bit deeper into Mr Murdoch’s business ventures and you’ll find why he takes this stance.

Murdoch, along with Jacob Rothschild hold major shares in a company called Genie energy which has been granted access to explore for oil and gas in the Judean hills and Syrian land,  which violates international law. However, if you manipulate the opinions of the public by undermining the climate movement at any opportunity you get, will anyone really care?

I’ve never come across a climate denier that doesn’t have some sort of vested interest in the continued use of fossil fuels for personal financial gain. Mr Murdoch is likely the most powerful man alive that is fighting climate change.

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