The Frightening Number of Politicians that Don’t Believe in Climate Change

Watching the climate being discussed and debated in politics is one of the most painful ways of spending your time (maybe a slight exaggeration, but it is phenomenally frustrating). As I’ve previously written about, there are politicians in the US (and I’m sure the UK) that are in the pocket of fossil fuel companies and therefore significantly slow down the progress humans are making in fighting climate change.

There are in total 182 climate change deniers in Congress and the Senate, meaning 202 million American’s (or 63% of the US population) that are represented by politicians who simply do not believe in climate change.

This terrifyingly high number of climate deniers in politics means that it becomes almost impossible to push any legislation or policy changes and so no progress is made.

This is an urgent issue that I struggle to see a solution to unless the general public start to genuinely care about the environment.

Politics and industry follow public opinion. The only real hurdle we need to overcome is indifference.


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