Why the Environment Should be Given Rights

I believe the environment should be given rights just like humans have. Just as a human has the right not to be tortured, the environment would have the right not to be abused as it is today.

The environment should be treated and respected like a living organism.

One and a half acres of forest are cut down every second across the world. In the next 25 years, 28,000 species are expected to go extinct due to deforestation. If the environment were to be given rights that would be legitimate in a court of law, not only would human damage to the earth likely reduce dramatically, those who are doing the damage would face prosecution.

If companies would be faced with the prospect of massive fines and individuals jail time, there would definitely be a reduction in reckless practices like mass deforestation or oil spillages that are so frequent and devastating for the planet’s ecosystems.

It is our responsibility as the most intelligent species on Earth to not only research and monitor the damage we’re doing, but also take measures to protect and restore the natural world that we’re so carelessly destroying.

Environmental rights are a great start in terms of respecting the natural world, yet are rarely discussed or even heard of.

As soon as is possible following the general election, I’ll be launching a petition for the UK government to implement environmental rights in the UK. I will publish it both here and on my Facebook page and if you agree with the sentiment, sign your name!

Source: http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/various-deforestation-facts.php

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