The Amazon Reef

Why is it in the news?

The amazon reef is a 9500 sq. kilometer reef system of corals, sponges and rhodoliths that was discovered just last year. It is located in the area where the Amazon river meets the Atlantic ocean, and is a massively exciting find for marine biologists. It offers the opportunity to discover thousands of new species and to better understand the ecosystems of our waters.

So why is everyone worried about it?

Oil companies such as BP have applied for permits to drill in the area, meaning the whole ecosystem could be destroyed by an oil spill before it has even been studied. Oil is a notoriously destructive commodity to mine and has been responsible for multiple catastrophic impacts on habitats around the world. If the same were to happen to the Amazon reef, millions of animals would lose their lives and marine ecosystems across the planet would be severely damaged.

What can you do to help?

There has recently been an ambassador assigned to try to protect the Amazon reef, Mr SpongeBob SquarePants himself. So go and share information, tell your friends about the threat, discuss the issue on social media and make as many people aware of what’s going on as you possibly can. There’s also a Greenpeace petition you can sign here to make your voice heard and show that you disagree with drilling for oil under the Amazon reef.

The only way these problems can be fixed is if everyone stands up and does something about it. Let’s stop BP and protect the Amazon reef.


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