Writer’s Block

I find it difficult to write consistently. I’ve promised myself many times that I’m going to write more often, yet watch weeks go by without a single word committed to a page. 

Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself? Why do I set these goals I so often fail to achieve? Why saddle myself with the self-deprecating thoughts and frustration that comes with, yet again, failing to make good on a promise I made to myself?

I suppose I feel it’s worthwhile. Why exercise? Why meditate? Why learn new things? What’s truly valuable is rarely easy. 

There’s a sanctity in struggle. Ease and comfort aren’t good for us. Discomfort and toil are where we grow. It’s where we discover new parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed. Where we realise potential. 

So I’ve decided to challenge myself to post one Ross Blog post every Friday starting from tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It might not even be readable. But it will force me to write something and put it out there for the world to scrutinise. To share my beliefs with anyone who cares, and hopefully evolve them in the process. 

After all, ideas are meant to be shared. 

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