Sober Yogtober – Weekly Blog #1

I thought I’d start off the new weekly blog with an update on Sober October so far. 

I decided to do Sober October this year. There wasn’t a strong reason to do so. Just something to do while the pandemic rages on. 

Getting rid of the booze has been easy – I’m not a massive drinker and COVID has shut the pubs so no temptation there.

I’ve also cut out sugar which has been more difficult. In late September I found myself eating condensed milk straight out the tin and realised it was time to cut back. It’s been interesting to watch myself mindlessly reach for sweet things, as if it’s not really me making the decision. It’s kind of like my subconscious is reaching for a brownie and I’m just there for the ride. I’ve been tempted a few times, but again, this hasn’t been particularly difficult. 

By far the most challenging thing I’ve given up for Sober October has been caffeine. The first 10 days were Hell. I had headaches, was exhausted, felt anxious, and craved some of that Hot Lava Java (favourite coffee brand). But I stuck with it and managed to shake off the withdrawal symptoms. My energy levels are back to normal and I’m probably sleeping better. It was shocking to see how addicted  to caffeine I’d become. I felt a bit like Renton in ‘Trainspotting’ but thankfully I’m yet to see any babies crawling on the ceiling. 

Yoga Challenge

My final Sober October challenge is a 30-day Yoga with Adriene programme. I’ve been doing it first-thing every morning and I’m absolutely loving it. My body is dangerously tight. The tendons on the back of my knees are like piano strings. My hip flexors pop when I straighten my legs. And I’ve had a knot on the right side of my spine since I was in high school. If anyone needs a yoga routine, it’s me.

Yoga’s been my favourite part of Sober October. I’ve always liked the idea of exercising in the morning, but find running or weight lifting too hard on my joints. Yoga is the perfect way to get the blood pumping and body moving without it feeling like I’m going to rupture my ACL. It also has a mindfulness aspect to it which puts you in a great frame of mind for the day ahead. 

If you don’t know who/what yoga with Adriene is, you should check her out. Her YouTube channel is a phenomenal resource, and it’s all for free. All of the 30-day challenge sessions can be done out-with the programme. I can highly recommend “Day 3: forget what you know”, “Day 4: yoga for your back”, and “Day 8: yoga for healing and meditation”. Day 8 was my favourite so far. It was a beautiful combination of yoga and mindfulness. I found myself meditating and stretching at the same time, which is a supremely calming exercise. If you’re having a tough day or feeling overwhelmed, stick on Day 8 and you’ll be centered once more. 

So concludes the first weekly Ross Blog. I suspect I might be tempted to post more often than once per week, but we’ll start with every Friday for now. I’ll write about books I’m reading, share interesting things I discover while surfing the web, and make public my ideas, even though no one asked for them. 

Please let me know what you like/dislike/find annoying/ would like to hear more about.

If you think what I’ve written is valuable, please pass it on. 

I love you all. Have a great weekend. And never eat street food at a bus station. 


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