On Apex Predators, MMA and Masculinity, Procrastination, a Quote and a Question

Hi everyone, 

This week I’ve implemented a new structure which I’ll try for a couple of weeks. 

I’m going to focus on:

  •  One news story and why it’s important. 
  • Recommend something to watch
  • Suggest something to read 
  • Point you in the direction of something to listen to 
  • And as always, share a quote and a question 


Read time – 4 minutes 

Lynx in the Scottish Countryside? 

A year-long study has been launched to gauge the Scottish public’s attitude toward reintroducing Lynx. These big cats have been extinct in the UK for about 500 years after being hunted to extinction, but that might be about to change. 

Scotland has plenty of suitable habitat to release Lynx into. The reason they haven’t been introduced before now is due to public resistance. Many people, especially farmers, are concerned about releasing a predator into the wild which would threaten livestock. 

This is a legitimate concern, and should be taken seriously. Lynx will prey on farm animals, so any reintroduction needs to be done with farmers in agreement. 

There may be some conflict with the human population, but having these animals back in the UK would be a great thing. 

Apex predators are absolutely vital to a healthy ecosystem. At the top of the food chain, their presence creates order. There’s a famous video about what happened when wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park

Once the wolves arrived, deer stopped grazing in certain areas, which allowed some plant species to recover. These plant species created new habitats for new animals, and eventually even the shape of the rivers changed. 

It’s important to remember that the ecosystem we see today in the UK is a shadow of what it should be. Scotland should be covered in temperate rainforest, when instead it’s covered in non-native species and monocultures. 

Not long ago, our woods were filled with lynx, wolves, bears, beavers, pine marten, and many more large mammal species. There’s even good evidence to suggest lions lived in the forests of the UK. 

It’s our responsibility to fix the damage we’ve caused to the natural world, and reintroduction of native species is a great step towards doing that. I think we’re a long way off lions returning to the highlands, but hopefully, we’ll soon see lynx stalking through the Scottish countryside.

The Handford Parish Council Zoom 

A phenomenal video went viral this week of a council meeting that went seriously off the rails. 

The hostility is palpable from the first 10 seconds, with someone muttering “fuck off”, not realising their mic can pic it up. It quickly descends into a power struggle between two aggro councillors and Jackie Weaver – the hero of the video. 

When the chairman tells Jackie she has no authority, she kicks him from the call. Then the vice-chair claims he’s in charge, shouts at Jackie, and is also then removed. 

It’s so funny to see power go to people’s heads. Throw in technical inability, aggressive old people and a no-nonsense Jackie Weaver, and you’ve got a viral video. Give it a watch, it’s brilliant. 

MMA and Masculinity 

If you’ve read The Patterson Post before, you’ll know I love MMA. But why is it so interesting? 

Iman Amrani, a journalist from the Guardian, did a brilliant video on ‘why the UFC is so popular with men’. Amrani asks interesting questions, talks to the right people, and gives a thoughtful overview of the sport. 

If you’d like an insight as to why it’s so compelling, give this a watch. 

Tim Urban on Procrastination 

Wait But Why is one of the most-read blogs on the internet. Tim Urban writes fascinating posts on everything from space travel to careers. 

In this blog post, he writes about procrastination. 

As a chronic procrastinator, I’m always on the look-out for tips and tricks to kick the habit. This is a brilliant insight into why we procrastinate and what we can do to stop. 

Based on this post, he went on to give one of the most-watched TED talks of all time – Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator. 

His whole blog is phenomenal, and this post is a great place to start.

Brene Brown, Tim Ferriss and Dax Sheperd have a Conversation 

Three of my all-time favourite podcasters have come together to create a masterpiece.

Hosted on Brene Brown’s podcast “Unlocking Us”, the trio have a wide-ranging and painfully funny conversation about general life. At some points they’re open and vulnerable, discussing their addictions and dealing with abuse.

 These three humans are making this planet a cooler place to live. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we can listen to them hang out. 

A Quote 

“Discipline equals freedom. Everyone wants freedom. We want to be physically and mentally free. We want to be financially free and we want more free time. But where does that freedom come from? How do we get it? The answer is the opposite of freedom. The answer is discipline. You want more free time? Follow a disciplined time-management system. You want financial freedom? Implement long-term financial discipline in your life. Do you want to be physically free to move how you want, and to be free from many health issues caused by poor lifestyle choices? Then you have to have the discipline to eat healthy food and consistently work out. We all want freedom. Discipline is the only way to get it.” 
– Jocko Willink in Tim Ferriss’s book, Tribe of Mentors

A Question 

Where do you lack discipline? 


Thanks for giving me your attention. 

Please give me feedback on how I can do things better. 

And have a great week. 

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