The “Fourth Turning” – Crisis.

You can feel truth. It touches your soul. MLK’s I Have a Dream, a breath-taking sunset, watching a sportsperson in their prime – these are all truths. It can be difficult to explain it with words, but everyone experiencing it will look at each other, smile knowingly and nod their head in agreement.

Van Neistat’s recent vlog on “We are in a “FOURTH TURNING”, What does that mean?” gave me that feeling. The hair on my neck stood up. There was an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach which told me I was watching something important. Something true.  

A Spirited Man explains what’s going on

A wise man in a book once told me to watch for patterns. I try to do this because wise people often give good advice. One pattern I’ve observed is that life is cyclical. Winters and summers, births and deaths, recessions and booms – all cycles we go through. The universe likes to renew. 

Van explains how the world works in 80 year cycles – approximately a human lifetime. We cycle through a ‘high’ (economic boom following WW2), ‘awakening’ (1960’s/summer of love/Bob Dylan) , ‘unravelling’ (9/11, wars in the Middle East), then hit a ‘crisis’ (2008 crash + COVID + Trump). 

We’re in the midst of a crisis. At the end of the 80 year cycle which started just after the second world war. A crisis is intense, but also a time of renewal. A forest fire is chaos but vital in resetting an ecosystem. 

After a crisis comes a ‘high’. A rebound, spring time. A boom. Birth. 

I’m looking forward to the high. 

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