The Patterson Post – MMA

I’ve started a Youtube Channel – The Patterson Post MMA. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at video, so a weekly MMA newsletter seemed like the best course of action. I’ve also got a subreddit to create a bit of a community. So, if that sounds interesting to you, check it out! Like, subscribeContinue reading “The Patterson Post – MMA”

The Ancient Caledonian Forest – A Woodland in Crisis

The Caledonian Forest is the name given to the small pockets of ancient, native woodland left in Scotland. A few hundred years ago, it would have covered the vast majority of the Scottish mainland, giving home to wolves, bears, wild boar, lynx, red squirrels, deer, golden eagles, osprey, beavers, badgers and barn owls, to nameContinue reading “The Ancient Caledonian Forest – A Woodland in Crisis”

The “Fourth Turning” – Crisis.

You can feel truth. It touches your soul. MLK’s I Have a Dream, a breath-taking sunset, watching a sportsperson in their prime – these are all truths. It can be difficult to explain it with words, but everyone experiencing it will look at each other, smile knowingly and nod their head in agreement. Van Neistat’sContinue reading “The “Fourth Turning” – Crisis.”

On Leadership – The Patterson Post #20

Hi Everyone,  This week I’m writing about leadership. I suspect I’m not the only one uninspired by the people in power. I’m asking why that is and what we can do about it.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Read time – 5 minutes On Leadership The world is in a crisis ofContinue reading “On Leadership – The Patterson Post #20”

Why Mixed Martial Arts Belongs in The Olympics

The year is 684BCE. Two young, Greek Olympians stare each other down, ready to test their skills. The event they will compete in is “Pankration” – an ancient form of Mixed Martial Arts.  The only difference between modern MMA and Pankration is the gloves. All of the rules are essentially the same. In both sports,Continue reading “Why Mixed Martial Arts Belongs in The Olympics”