A New Year is a New Beginning

2020 was a year to put behind us. COVID-19 created national lockdowns and the potential to have loved ones taken away from us. Millions of lives have been lost, and we still have a long way to go before life will be back to normal.  A quote from Mr Rogers goes viral every time there’sContinue reading “A New Year is a New Beginning”

Sober October Draws to an End. Bring on Movember.

Sober October has drawn to an end. Will I celebrate by getting hammered? Probably not. But I’ll have a glass of wine. As I said in this post, cutting out sugar and alcohol was relatively easy, especially in a partial lockdown. What I found difficult was to cut out caffeine. The first week was hell,Continue reading “Sober October Draws to an End. Bring on Movember.”