Stillness, Connor Mcgregor, and Yoga for Running – The Patterson Post #11

Hello lovely people, Here is The Patterson Post #11. This week I’m sharing some wisdom from Stillness is the Key By Ryan Holiday, telling you why you should be excited for the return of Connor McGregor next weekend, suggesting a yoga practice you should give a try, and as always, leaving you with a quoteContinue reading “Stillness, Connor Mcgregor, and Yoga for Running – The Patterson Post #11”

Sober October Draws to an End. Bring on Movember.

Sober October has drawn to an end. Will I celebrate by getting hammered? Probably not. But I’ll have a glass of wine. As I said in this post, cutting out sugar and alcohol was relatively easy, especially in a partial lockdown. What I found difficult was to cut out caffeine. The first week was hell,Continue reading “Sober October Draws to an End. Bring on Movember.”

Sober Yogtober – Weekly Blog #1

I thought I’d start off the new weekly blog with an update on Sober October so far.  I decided to do Sober October this year. There wasn’t a strong reason to do so. Just something to do while the pandemic rages on.  Getting rid of the booze has been easy – I’m not a massiveContinue reading “Sober Yogtober – Weekly Blog #1”